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Combining proprietary, best-in-class technology and a 100% data-driven approach, 123Stores empowers brands to maximize their sales on the world’s largest online marketplaces.

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We’re a data obsessed company, working to revolutionize how brands sell on Amazon.

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We’re a data obsessed company, working to revolutionize how brands sell on Amazon.


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Our Expertise

Partnering with 123Stores gives you the flexibility & control to help grow your business on Amazon.
Our technology and expertise lets you spend less time on Amazon and more time on your business.

Brand Representation

You want your customers to be able to access your entire catalog not just your top sellers. Partnering with 123Stores ensures that all your products are available for sale, and that your content is optimized to reach, engage and convert your customers.

Account Management

Without the right partner, the world of Amazon can seem daunting. With 123Stores, you have a friendly, knowledgeable account manager in your corner ensuring your efforts are optimized and your brand is well represented.

Brand Protection

We represent you — your brand, your products and your pricing. This means not only honoring your MAP, but also monitoring who isn’t — and eliminating unauthorized resellers.

Data Analytics & Insight

Growing your business requires clear, consistent and actionable data to shape your Amazon strategy. Our data driven insights will help you pursue the best course of action — one that drives value for your business.

Marketing & Advertising

Want to promote your brand on Amazon but not sure where to start? We provide strategic marketing support, identifying which of Amazon’s tools make the most sense for your business and executing campaigns that reach your target consumers.

Efficient Operations

We combine more than 10 years of Amazon-specific retail experience with the industry’s most advanced technology to save you time and money in increased operational efficiency.

Why choose 123Stores?

In a simple line.... we’re Amazon experts. If that doesn’t sum it up, here’s 10 reasons why ....

1. Dropship Experts

From listings to Inventory Management, from fulfillment to customer service, from shipping costs to returns management, 123Stores has the size, scale & technology to service your customers and is one of the 10 largest dropship partners for Amazon, servicing over 300 brands with over 150,000 products.

2. Account Management

For us, account management isn’t about Seller Central or Vendor Central, it’s all about you, your products, your brand and how we work together to grow your sales.

Consider us an extension of your team that manages your daily Amazon business and maximizes your potential on the platform.

3. Brand Protection

Amazon listings are an extension of your brand’s image, with retail prices matching your other sales channels, and being offered by sellers who match the service expectation of the brand.

We represent a responsible approach to selling on Amazon.

4. Showcase Your Entire Catalog

Seasonal items, new products, and overstock items all present perfect selling opportunities.

We are deeply integrated into the Amazon eco-system to keep track of all your products, ensuring that from best-sellers to accessories, every product in your catalog finds a place on Amazon.

5. Data Analytics & Insight

Not only will we keep you consistently informed of your key metrics, but our wealth of data allows us to answer questions with pinpoint accuracy and pursue the best course of action—one that drives value for your business.

6. Ease of Operations

We combine more than 10 years of Amazon-specific retail experience with the industry’s most advanced technology to save you time and money in increased operational efficiency.

Managing your Amazon operations in house can be time and labor intensive at best; in many cases, it can be flat-out unviable.

7. Efficient large-scale logistics

We deliver most of our orders in 1-2 days. Your products reach customers’ homes quickly, free of charge to customers.

We’re committed to continually improving our shipping cut-off times, map coverage, and speediness so that your products are in the homes of customers as quickly as possible.

Win, win for all.

8. Leading Customer Experience

Excellent customer service creates loyal customers for life who are willing to refer your business to friends, family, and colleagues.

Our in-house experts are available to solve customer queries quickly and efficiently.

Our 96%+ customer satisfaction rate shows our commitment to take care of your customers & your brand.

9. Get Set for Amazon Prime

Getting the coveted Amazon Prime badge for items that ship out from your fulfillment center using our best in class technology integration with Amazon helps you market your brand to the holy grail of shopping customers.

Or, forward position your inventory with our preferred 3PL facilities to get access to nationwide prime.

10. Marketing & Advertising

Customers are driven by compelling advertising that meets them where they stand.

That’s why we build full-funnel marketing strategies which increase customer traffic, maximize ROI with Amazon Paid Search Advertising, and grow topline sales.

Our Culture

Our out-of-the-box thinking, combined with our dynamic company culture, translates to winning experiences for our brand partners.

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